Friday, January 30, 2009

Hope important.
You always said that.

Keep the faith, is what you said ; right?

oh and
"I'll fight against destiny and win"

But what when one just can't do it anymore? What then?
What when one complete outdoes his own self, and another step doesn't seem like 'just' a step but as burdened as hell. Then what?

Why didn't you tell me what to do when one loses hope in faith.

Bring that hope back? Believe in yourself , life is a struggle, happiness is just a pursue blah blah blah and all the jazz?
Till when?


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

in this case, one just have to decide for him/herself rather than listening to what others say. We have to define things for ourselves.

Netika Lumb said...

Hope lays foundation for every action in life..
A friend once told me, "A candle can always illuminate a room in a way that one cant find a trace of darkness that existed there for a 1000 years".
I know it isnt easy to believe this coz there is an absence of hope. But my dear, at the end, it doesnt matter if the you dont wish to accept what destiny offers, what matters is what you do to change it.
No step is the last step, and no effort is your best effort. Its the next one that counts!
Take care

imperfect said...

@ Raaji / Netika - There is one point in a persons life when they just give up. No hope. No faith. No struggling really matters.
Yes it happens.

unforgiven said...

Hope is about the journey, never the destination.

The struggle needed to get to the destination, will exist anyway; hope just makes the journey, easier. It gives us something to hold on to.

Which is why it is a beautiful thing. One may never reach where he had 'hoped' to, but because he 'hoped', at least he tried harder, did breathe a bit easier and probably also, slept easier at night.

Adisha said...

When all seems lost the Least you can do, is hold onto all that's real and good, till the tide turns in your favour !!

The truth is Life is just a struggle with all it's ups and downs, and the "all that jazz" that people give you are Just the guidelines to give you a lil push along the way :)


Toonfactory said...

In that case...just be hopeful with the hope...have faith in faith and keep on moving...nothing is even this phase will be over...

deluded said...

when you lose hope......
you become an adult.

I think I heard that at a tea shop.


nice blog bu the way.

imperfect said...

@ unforgiven - I dont agree with the sleeping easier part. Sometimes there is just nothing left to hold on to. And if not having any hope left means it did exist at one point and thats the beauty of it. Then be it.

@ Adisha - I don't know. Maybe.

@ Toonfactory - Isn't it difficult to be hopeful when hope has just died. Completely.

@ deluded - I'll give that to you. :)

Relevantlystaying said...

Just remember these 4 words when you are feeling hopeless

"This Too Shall Pass"

Great Blog! Thanks for visiting me. Come back anytime.

unforgiven said...

That's the whole point; hope is what you hold on to, when there is nothing else left to hold on to.

Hope is not rational, hope is based on faith; the problem is, you use 'logic' to arrive at hope, which isn't really 'hope', it's just a probability - you're just calling it hope.

Toonfactory said...

It's difficult but not impossible...sometimes we hesitate to attempt something that looks difficult...and make it impossible...

KP said...

there are times...when one loses hope...its a phase...this too shall pass!

imperfect said...

@ unforgiven - Im just saying that sometimes people lose hope. And then there isn't anything to look forward to or have faith in. That's it. :)

@ relevantsaying - Uhmm, I don't think that really matters much.

@ toonfactory - was that a tongue twister or what ? :P

@ KP - well. Maybe.

Toonfactory said...

;) LOL unintended but yep it was, if you tried to say it...

Prasant Naidu. said...

Faith madame,,seems the punch line is creating lot of fire the way Faith Madame, where r u these days ????

imperfect said...

Ab itna heavy word hai, kuchh toh create karega. Fire hi sahi :)

Hum toh yahin hain, aap hi online nazar nahi aatey, na mail ka appropriate reply karte hain. :|