Monday, May 3, 2010

Oil Spill!

Everything always turns out this way. I've forgotten you. Again. Like you were dead or I'd been drinking a lot.

Sometimes, it doesn't.

If love were inexplicable like shotgun shells and the way your eyelashes feel against my spine late nights then I've been seeing someone else;

No!. Again. That's no way to begin.

Then,fuck! can't you fuckin see. YOU!

and maybe I've been drunk enough
let down enough
cried stupid and dry more than enough
maybe this is the end;

Used to believe we were a valid excuses for a relationship!

If you can see. what I mean.
I desperately wanted to have something to say; but my tongue feels like navy knots. and the only words i can think of are oil spill.

"...Yeh zindagi jo hai naachti toh;
Kyon bediyon mein hai tere paaon..."

That guy, Hitesh; Idiol - MU 32104, Nagpur just made me smile :)