Monday, June 23, 2008

Factors Controlling Life

When we think about life as a whole, it can be named in probably 'n' number of ways,
some call it a book, a story, struggle, a bed of roses (yup don't be shocked there are many many many people still sleeping )

But to think of it, it all comes down to a series of events.

These events test our patience, skills, thought process. Gives us lessons in the end and sometimes take away our false notions.

We call life unfair a lot of times - blame people , luck and more often than not even destiny. Sometimes everything is done to achieve a certain thing or reach a certain point and bam! everything crumbles down, nobody can answer why.

But come to think of it there are just three factors which rule life.

Yes, just three!

Whatever I wrote above could be fucking shit and no part of it might make sense , but those three factors always will.

Desires (Including emotional attachment), Health and Natural Disasters.

Whatever happens in life is because of the above three things, whatever we do are driven by desires, whatever comes in between that can be either another desire or a person (attachment) a certain accident (Natural Disaster) or if we aren't physically capable of doing it.

If these three factors are in complete control one can even predict their own future.

For instance, I know that tomorrow at 2 p.m I have to go for lunch with a friend, I predicted my own future, only these three factors can control me. Perhaps, I cannot predict about maybe what I'd be doing exactly one month from now because I don't know what circumstances I'd be in, only of course if I'm in complete control of my 'factors'.

To talk about them seperately; Desires are something which aren't certainly bad. Everything one wants in life, every position one wants to reach, be it an exam, a job, a car, a certain person; is because of desires. The reason to live probably is to make the correct choices and fulfill those desires. Now the way by which one is achieving it , the amount of importance which is being given, THAT can certainly be very very very bad at times.
Controlling desires isn't a very easy task though, but isn't something as difficult as rocket science :)
This is infact the most important and the most difficult thing to control.The reason for everything right and everything wrong we do is because of them. The reason why it's difficult to get over a certain mishap in life and further fuck everything else is also because of them.

The second thing is health, how much we live and how we live is always in ones own hand. Being fit, take care of what one does so that some major medical ailment doesn't hit which restrains from leading a normal life; isn't something all of us think about much. Till of course it hits us.

Whatever we want to do in life somewhere is tested by our capabilities,  from something as seemingly easy as staying up all night to complete a certain project, or working really hard at work to finish a deadline, to fucking  adventure sports and a hell lot more depend on the physical fitness.
Even a simple day out with friends can become tiresome for an unhealthy person.

The third factor, natural calamities. These are things which we just do not have any control on. But the number of people it has control on is less, a person has a 2/100 probability of dying because of an earthquake/volcano/tsunami. If its about road accidents and falling off from a cliff, it again is because of lack of presence of mind and can be controlled.

Yeah, It's extremely difficult to have an extremely undoubted hold on them. But instead of depending on things which are do not even play much role and are given undue attention, its better to focus on the right issues. More often than not we spend time and energy correcting the wrong issues altogether.

[P.S- I really want to know the validity of this theory, any argument which would prove it wrong is welcome.]

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Seeing Other People

I always wonder what other people are thinking about me and always wish that I could read minds.
It's so difficult to get into someone's mind and try to know the psyche of the person; yet easy to classify them in broad catagories.Certain kind of people change for that moment when only around certain kind of people and then they are back to the way they were around you. They will act all sophisticated while with the 'sophisticated' group of people, very cool and chilled out while in that certain group; etc. Does that mean faking? or its simply being smart to gel with everyone. And in that process more often than not they themselves forget who they are, Everyone has a different 'face' for different sets of people and situations. There is nothing really constant about any of them. Nobody can claim to know eveyrthing about someone, its just humanly impossible; we can know only what we are told and what we see; and what we see is only what the other person wants us to see.
Then there is always a difference between what one says and does, its so easy to tell someone how to behave in certain situations and what to do; but when it comes to their ownself everything is conveniently forgotten that too supported with a justifiable reason; which again is sometimes just a game of words.
People are what they are as they want to be seen and as we want to see them.
Its all a web; does it mean everyone is just putting up a certain face; and what I know of them is all just a certain dimension of them?

Maybe ; maybe not.


In between exams and results and languishing at home since the past 6 months and another one and a half to come I think my mind has stopped working completely; so instead of keeping a dead blog I deleted it completely , one of the reasons also being I had started disliking the name perfectionism kills.

So here I am, starting all over again. In every sense of the word.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I Will Be a Story

The day began as a mirage.
Dressed in the garb of a wise king,
I stumble into the desert searching for stories
in the sand.
I find no realism in the sun.
cannot be blamed on transitory light. It is my eyes
which censor the spectrum of time.
Recycling miracles,
With a dangerous emptiness, the wind
bellows and encompasses the earth. sagging dunes
translate moments. They know time well.

Tonight it's drafty and dark.
While sweeping up our my, I wonder
if the wind celebrates itself
or if the sky and the oceans
honor it and how.

“Tell me I am like the sand. Tell me
I am a ruptured star – the grit
of an ancient supernova,
Tell me when I settle
the wind will swipe me up and
scatter me

This makes no sense
but yet it does.
It's all so real from the real perspective.