Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Its the ability to compromise that makes a man noble.

I disagree.

This line comes from Braveheart. When Robert the Bruce's father tells his son,why they must not join in full force with William Wallace, this is the line that he uses. He cites how this line has enabled 16 generations of Bruce's to rule and survive, to the point that they can stake claim to the throne of Scotland.

So this ability to compromise, this ability to find a balance, this ability to find Plato's Golden Mean (I think its Plato atleast?), this is what truly makes a man great. Look at all the people around the world. These people have mastered [compromising], [balancing] and [managing] their lives to have moderation. It is the sign of maturity and ensures that a person doesn't burn out. It enables them to survive and still perform to the level that they can hit the highest echelons of executive-hood. It is deplorable.

 There is more to life than a a certain number in your bank account per year. There is more to life than simply surviving and managing long enough to be trusted with the running of a corporation.

These people are not to be admired but to be despised. They have taken the passion out of our existence and fed it to the dogs of corporate success. These are not visionaries, they are bookkeepers.

They are not passionate, they are efficient. They are the people who could organise their study schedule to maximize their learning for a CAT or GMAT exam. They are the people who doom our world to not advancing in leaps but rather managing what we have.

What the fuck happened to passion? What happened to believing in something no matter the odds. What happened to loving something so much that it became the sole focus of your life?

 Passion cannot be abated. Passion in unbridled and it is not a job.
 It is a lifestyle.

 Infact, it IS life.

 I cannot agree with people telling me that I am too much of an extremist and that I need to learn moderation.

 I cannot, in fact, I will not.

 I love the fact that when I am working, I can work for hours straight, of course I complain but I get the job done.  If I play, I play long past when my fingers give up and I write long past making any sense; I drink till I'm almost bordering alcohol to poison in my body and inviting death. but then that's just me.

I refuse to believe in the doctrine of balance and defy the concept of balance. It is not balance but rather raw passion that has driven us in leaps -  beyond our ability as civilization and even if I don't do that, atleast I can claim to have lived.

To live, to feel, to give myself to what is truly me.
We should be ashamed of selling this formula of "success" to our brightest minds.
We should be ashamed of drafting our intelligentsia into an army of managers and book keepers.
We should be ashamed of not having the courage to take a chance.

We should be ashamed of telling someone that it is the ability to compromise that makes a man noble.