Monday, September 28, 2009

So the culprit is insomnia

Simply because not being hopeful gives a net to the fall, doesn't really stop the fall.

Why *again* ?
Because it's a tendency people have, the same kind of trouble attracts a person again and again and again.

Why the introspection ?
It gives alot of momentary humor if nothing else ;)

If this sleep issue could be solved, so much would be out of my life, so many unnecessary people, conversations, thoughts, etc etc etc !

Oh and lesser phone bills, lesser calorie intake (comfort foods are fattening !! ) and I can't believe I actually included that last bit about the fattening thing, finally the treadmill's getting its due :)

This Gurbaksh Chahal guy is HAWT!

Thank you myself for making me non-hopeful about everything.

And why do stars fall ?
So , we make wishes and an idiot of ourselves.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 in 95

Found :)

It was just there, being ignored and abused for years altogether in the name of greed and convenience and needs.
Wonder what took me so long, but finally ... :)

There is still a long long way to go, the damage is too much to be sorted by just a thought, actions ; yeah !
Why did you take so long ?
Running , not away but to you !
Cheers ! For the better part of your existence !

This song is stuck.

"Jaata kya tera hai , manga jo mera hai;
maine konsi tujhse jannat maangli "

And then all I want tonight is a falling star to make a wish! :)