Friday, August 28, 2009


My throat is tight from the
Snickering cold wind that waltzes
around us
In spite, we push against its
Wingtipped shoes and cherry blossom corsages
freckled grass and tan oak trees are humming along
to this icy orchestration
Are we the only ones who hear the syncopation
of a thousand curling cumuli
or a million bursting moons?
This deafening lull is what binds our
quivering legs and willowed arms to these silent screams

...We cry

And yet only I...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Damien Rice will sing for us every night !

One day, I will run away. Seems quite fancy to say so. Like the kinds, oh I am going to run away and live in peace, cause the world never treated me right, and "they" never understood me, cause I was so ahead of my times/or I should have been 16 when Sanjay and Maneka eloped.
Ya quite alot on these lines, cause then atleast I never wanted the conventionals !

So when one turns twenty, rather regretfully because of those small little unfulfilled wishes,the year ahead starts getting frustrating. And, no I don't believe in content and self happiness and jazz, if you do ; go read Shiv Khera, here it is different story altogether.
Getting back to the fascination with running away, it doesn't necessarily have to be 'alone' Infact, it doesn't have to be alone at all. It has to be with him. For which the search can never end, considering how Sethi put it last night, I have weird 'fundas' ; aisa hoga toh aisa hona chahiye and waise hoga toh ye karna padega and the never ending permutation combinations.
Well, sadly enough, this happens to be very true. Too many fundas, the downside of this is that those combinations cannot exist in a single person ; hence the innumerable heartbreaks . Ouch! The brighter side ; put them all together, and voila; even Megan Fox would die to be at my place ! ;)
Now yes, every single person has a well crafted image of their real one in their minds. Pulkit has his Simran, and I have my Raj too (though the name could be changed for a stronger one) oh and the hairstyle too, and the lack of ambition too, but yes we can keep the madness. So the madness of Raj , the flamboyance to be able to carry those Nehru jackets and cufflinks which would make every man burn , red ties ! (thats like a must ) , doesn't have to be too goodlooking or too tall or too fair or too dark, but one look should make me go weak on my knees !
No sense oh humour? Chalega; but his smile should make me look good !
I mean I really don't need a laughter dose or too much of it, my own is disastrous and dose enough for me!
Yes, I have mentioned about the bolero and the jaat boys, and the typical ladne-marne type attitude; time and again, without which ; it would be totally impossible.
Has to be older than me, again that needs no mention, haha. How else are we going to elope midway of my law degree ;)
Oh and the cufflinks, yes they have been mentioned, the super eatable sweat and perfume mixed smell which give tingles to the senses,should buy me flowers even when I insist they are a waste of money, oh and click my pictures when I am with him, more when he thinks I don't know; and I know he thinks so , but I still pretend that he thinks I don't know I am being clicked, wooo! the list is never ending.

I told him once I was waiting for December, hot coffee and full throttling music in our car; and December never came for us.

Bloody, that's another downside, these plans need to be harmoniously construed with somebody elses. ( Harmoniously construed : New word, courtesy attentive listening in Constitution law class )

Yes there are a series of heartbreaks, damn these combinations, damn the digits will be forgotten now, it could never reach 'us' so they will be forgotten soon too.

How I thank myself for not being hopeful, and for that little cynic in me;
" Dude! no matter what, no matter how good a person is, a man is honest till he gets an opportunity to be otherwise"
Damn you Anoopam, the according-to-you dhaba place, is one of my favorites and makes me say best things I ever have ! :)

Yes, I would base it just on the concept of us, dependability and acceptance. But for the part of life I know, for sure Its too much to ask for, the custom made Raj (yeah I know, I have to think of a better name) will do good.
How much it makes me happy that I know for a fact relationships end.

What? I am cynical? Why! Thank you ever much,atleast I am not a dumb fuck retard.

"There is something in the way you look at me,
Its as if my heart knows, you are the missing piece "