Monday, January 5, 2009


It's not always hard to be a fan, of course; when you're a little kid it's the easiest thing in the world. At a point in your life when you pretty much can't do anything - as adults will hasten to remind you, saying things like " you can't drive a car until you're older," or, "human beings can't see through walls, no matter how hard they look at them," - Superman can do absolutely anything and everything. (Actually, I've seen Superman drive a car. And I bet noone can do it better than him)And the things he can do are of particular interest, it's fair to say, to little kids. For example: when was the last time you really wanted to set something on fire by just looking at it? Or really, really wished you could fly? Not "boy, wouldn't it be great if I got a surprise upgrade to business class" fly, or "maybe I can use my frequent flyer miles to score a trip to a friend" fly, but just, you know, fly. Probably not as recently - and certainly not as devoutly - as any five-year-old boy you know.

Superman is also just plain good, and when you're still at an age when things come in lots of simple good and bad categories, he fits pretty easily into that sort of framework. Think about the movies in both of them ; where much is made of Superman never lying. When you're at an age when you're looking for moral absolutes to admire, Superman's way up there, up in the sky.

But things change; seasons pass, and tender youth gives way to bitter experience. and all the things about Superman that were so admirable then become, well, a little grating. Everything is - or at least feels - much more complicated, and the simplicity of Superman's moral code seems a bit like kid stuff at a time when it's much harder to figure out right from wrong. And Superman himself? Polite, well-behaved, always getting along with the authorities? Not particularly cool, at a time when cool matters a lot; other heroes take center stage, ones that are a little more...rock and roll.

And now, in adulthood?
I'll be honest: even though it's been some time since I've been a teenager, I still love the idea of Superman if not him.

Ever since I can go back in time, I have had my heroes. People I have looked upto. People who inspire and not make me negotiate. People who have battled with the odds, taken the lone path and succeeded, in more ways than one. Hero-worshipping has been an inherent part of me I guess, extraordinaries don't happen to people everyday nor have they to me; the very few who have made the difference have become MY heroes. Thus explaining my obsession with Superman. (I call it pure faith).

But they have also made my worst fears come true, that the closer you get to a person ; the more you know about them, something will let you down. Knowingly , unknowingly or due to my elevated expectations, they have let me down and left me dejected, taken away my hopes , my faith.

I thought the worst thing to do is to let down your hero , but even worst is getting your heart broken by one. Someone who meant perfect in the dictionary of human beings , up there in your eyes, the heart aches to bring em down and the mind says maybe they never deserved that place.

I can ridicule everything by saying I make the wrong choice every time or that it was me who decided to give them that place in life and its completely fair if I decide to take it back. But then where does my hope in faith go? Shattered into a million pieces? Because they couldn't carry the burden of being a Hero or it'ws too juvenile and frivilous of me to expect so?

I want to go back and read " Why the World Needs Superman" But a certain part of me is way too angry and way too let down to confirm the faith again.

There are many unspoken realities that we dismiss all because we are too chicken to deal with it.But,does fantasy take over?More often than not,its just reality that strikes back at us harder than ever.
Life can't always be a bed of roses and I embrace that.
It's alright to dream,but just make sure that you're not living in a dream.That's what matters I guess.

Maybe in this real world, there are no real heroes; just a desperate need to believe in one.

"Does the World Need a Superman?"

I don't know.


Anonymous said...

Sanya Talwar said...

Superman- for me: Hanuman.
For you- this one person about whom tales were never told, about whom you framed tales of valour and strength- perhaps only on your own.
tell me: how many people would actually approve YOUR-SUPERMAN and how many people would side by mine?
perhaps none for you and a trillion for me?
...I know you dont really give a shit bout this people people thing, but In each one of us exists a sort of feeling: to be a part of the conventions:The khao khujao, batti bujhao category..
(how bout putting your faith in something that you can't verify or aaprove? How bout leaving it all: for once to destiny, to-- God?)
so, all in all, our world does really need a superman,.. for moments like this one...

Anandit _ Andy said...

I bet the world needs a superman!!
Bravo!! Your blog is good!!
You can write some real good stuff!!
All the best!

imperfect said...

@ anonymous - what the fuck?

@ Sanya - Yup, tales were never told, but I didn't frame them, I know them, exactly the way they exist. Also, for me he is more of an "idea".
Nobody has ever approved of my Superman(men) :P But you know I don't give a fuck to that, don't you?
Yes the world does need superman. But maybe I don't. I need a more important thing, hope in faith :)

@ Anandit - Thanks :)

unforgiven said...

Perception is everything.
Absolutely, everything.

flawed said...
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