Saturday, October 31, 2009

" If I were any braver...

...I'd be a lioness...
And You look cuter than Rishi Kapoor! Sachheee! :) "

I've just come back from a silent , live music assisted dinner followed by an even silent visit to the Bangla Sahib and I'm sitting in my corner having my last bite of the weekend Blueberry Cheese Cake! My culinary skills are getting better by the day ;)

Coming to the point, the back of my mind didn't miss what I wasn't doing, (which happens very rare) perhaps that's why I am already drowsy for a peaceful night's sleep. and its just 11:40!
Everything needs a closure, sometimes it is said out loud, more often in case of people a time or place is reached where , saying/not saying , howling , crying , anything and everything in fact doesn't make any difference whatsoever.
Ruchir says I am a stone, well maybe I am. and I love being one, but to think of it; if I really was a stone, I wouldn't be thinking of things like these and those and so much more! Its a curse maybe.
They have all changed a lot is how I've been putting it since the past few months and I've been blaming so many people, just because they have all found other people, their own someone to spend a lot of time with, and that is no doubts making me very uncomfortable and lonely. How it is seen is that since I am not "dating" someone or in a "relationship" is why I am cynical and unsupportive, lol.
Hell !

Saw too many documentaries on Indira Gandhi today, as well as that 32 grand Chanel wallet, now this is what I call getting inspired to earn it! :D

"Aise toh na dekho,
ki humko nasha ho jaaye "

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There would have been so many insignificant tears I wouldn't have shed, so many things not known, so many things not felt, stayed in the dark about so many, never felt betrayed by so many, saved so much time, slept early perhaps, not been jealous , not felt things are missing, not wanted to do things, go to places, eat those things, wear those clothes, seen the smiling faces and felt like puking; so many arguments without a reason, a few people never met, a few stories untold, an ego hike on default or edited potraits and the shallow "muahs" and "<3" not received.
see those pictures and bursted out; crying, laughing, disgusted, cheated.

If only there was no Facebook.
Ah, what a denial that would have been.