Sunday, December 14, 2008

Har kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta kisi ko zameen milti hai ; to kisi ko aasmaa nahi milta

"When it comes to practicality, things don't work this way.
I can either follow my dreams or make money, the other part of my life anyway sucks "

I have unwillingly been carried away.
Where everything is and must
be defined, refined, and redefined.

Where living your dreams is stupidity.
Where reality in unreal.
Where truth is just a 'never-heard-about' concept.
Where right & wrong is always debated in the mind.
Where I just feel I'm STUPID.

Despite my efforts to avoid assimilation,

I, too, scream mindlessly at eternal traffic.

I, regrettably, am in a fruitless rush

when there are hours or days to spare.
I think of the clear other side,

open-ended and unexpected like cancer.

I want to find my way.

The internal struggle is still on, with people around and inside, I want you to live your dreams, I want you to forget practicality , forget every reason that holds you back and live the way you always wanted to.I don't know if I am Learning the concept of selflessness or trying hard not be a bitch in the bargain? All I know is, It's not easy to be you, and its not easy to be me either.

Nerves of steel
Wills of iron
and a

Chocolate pudding heart, which does all the damage!

youn to koi tanha nahi hota,
chaah kar bhi koi juda nahi hota,
mohabbat ko to majbooriyan hi le doobti hai,
warna khushi se koi bewafa nahi hota!!

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