Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am
My image
A faint working
Of sketch marks
Across azure-lined pages.

I am
My memory,
A faint lineage
In the traces
Of a time once known.

I am
My history
Is merely the existence
Of the stories I tell
To make believe I exist.


Janit said...

Interesting this one!

i particularly like memory, a faint lineage...

that was brilliant!

Sanya Talwar said...

life continues to baffle you.
it continues to baffle everybody:
in layman's language, its a bitch.
it always will be.
I guess the incessant taglines of us defeating life through thinking practical and not letting emotional perspectives invade our minds continue to rule this world and they ought to... its sane. its easier. its high time: we gotto learn, yes.

"Ekla chalo..."
thats the only tagline OF our kind.

imperfect said...

@ Janit - That's my favorite too.

@ Sanu - I will *not* and I repeat, NOT succumb to any sort of handicap the bitch is throwing at us. You shouldn't either.
as for Eklo chalo?
the first line says if someone doesn't come walk with you.
I can't depend on the IF's of this kind, the dreamier version lights my fire brighter and more dangerous.
F.Y.I - Things have happened. Again.