Monday, December 29, 2008

What a semester of Law School taught me

Took my last exam for this semester, doesn't clearly mean I have "completed" it ; well of course till my result isn't out. But while going for the exam in the morning I just asked myself one thing. In between the projects and internals and meeting new people, and selective study. ( Something which has bailed me out of trouble all my life) did I really learn anything? Can I confidently say that I have covered 10% of what my curriculum requires my to know of the 10 Semester course? I don't know, the real test cannot be any exam, not for me. But there surely is a huge list of the things I learn't.

.)There is no time for postponing anything here, one thing ends and the other starts; If one starts procrastinating, then by the end of the semester; life will seem hell.

.)A good impression on the teachers can ensure that one passes in the exams, primarily because the 25-75 division of internal and external marks gives them the authority to turn your life upside down, in more ways than one.

.)Inside college do whatever you want to do, talk to whoever you want; but make sure only YOU know who you talk to and what and how much.

.)Going to the "maggi point" during that half an hour break is uselss, the slow walk and the run back to class within half an hour makes a person tired for the after lunch class.

.) Holidays is a concept or word atleast IP University isn't very aware of.

.)Notes do not help during exams, nor do those people (friends) who have those notes. Books and Wikipedia come more handy, reliable, convenient and of course, dependable.

.)"Man is solitary , poor, nasty , brutish and short " - Thomas Hobbes
(Hell yes! I agree. I call it cause and effect.)

.)The three reasons for a person committing suicide are - If he is an egotist , altruist or due to socio-economic conditions " - Emile Durkheim
( Oh really? :P )

.)According to Section 30 of the Indian Contracts Act, An agreement to wagering is void.
Still it is interesting to note that Horse Racing isn't considered wagering and is excluded from this provision.
Also, State Lotteries are not criminalized, however if a person does win a state lottery he cannot put a legal claim for it , because lottery by means of wagering is a void agreement.

.)Political Theory is cleaner than practical politics.

.)Mahatma Gandhi's contribution to the freedom struggle has been overrated.

.)The concept of just a government and a just government was given and forgotten.

.) " An eye for an eye, a limb for a limb, a life for a life " - Sharia, the Muslim source of Law.
(Explains alot of things, *shrug* )

And lastly, most of the things I learnt in these five months , will probably never be required in any courtroom battle. Has it made me wiser than the rest?
Time will tell.


Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

:) Interesting. Especially for someone who wanted to go to law school once upon a time :)

Let's have a post on the Gandhi point. A lot of people diss him for not saving Bhagat Singh from execution when he could have. Anything law taught you about that one?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately life in one of india's "elite law school" also teaches you many more things, most of them unpleasant.

imperfect said...

Who you be?

Well, my list can actually touch if not less 48 unpleasant things.
And Usually the lessons we learn are the ones which are unpleasant. *shrug*