Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Green Eyes

So you have all said a word or two about it, how it should be , how it shouldn't . The conventional and unconventional, the real and fake, the practical and impractical.
I say you are all losers, YES! Fucking nuthead morons of the highest order.

You think you are being protective, warning me against it, am I going in a deep ocean without knowing how to swim? How the fuck do you know I am gonna drown for sure?
Protective eh?
I say ; be brave , have the courage!

You think I am a kid, I don't know how this dirty mean world works, I live in a parallel world, do I? Hell yes there is a parallel world, far much dangerous, far much adventurous, far much unexpected than you can think of! If here you think I can't survive, there I am living, with courage and compassion, outreaching any one who claims to be real.

I am just being myself, is that a problem for u motherfuckers?
I believe I am better than most of you all, is that again a problem?
I know I will prove my worth to myself.
I know this very feeling of being someone better makes me feel shallow inside, I have been taught to be humble, "down to earth", but I'm not.
I have nothing to lose to you all you cowards, I will lose myself only to him; in every sense of the word.
Does this burn your heart? You feel better when you point out my flaws,gives you a feeling that your life's better, doesn't it?
And when you say it to others, it makes you better in comparison to me! I know you all , you dickheads, I know the psyche of human beings, I know it all.
Yow will again tell me ," no you don't , you'r just a 19 year old kid "
I say, yes I am 19. Yes I am a kid, and this kid will make life hell you mess with me, you know that already don't you?

Its capricious. I know.
He is the man all that I want. I love him dangerously.
And I know you all , can just stand there and envy me.

Honey, you are a rock upon which I stand!


Sanya Talwar said...

the wrath of womanhood can kill.
it can ALSO mend souls.

"le chal wahan jo, mulk TERA hai..
jaahil zamaanaa..dushman mera hai.."

unforgiven said...

Shaant, gadhadhaari Bheem, shaant.

imperfect said...

@ Sanya/ Me evil twin - I was wondering, can a man *ever* feel this way? Not for a woman in specific, but even about himself? Or are we just made this way.

Zamaney dekhega , hum jalwe dikhayenge!

@ Unforgiven - Trying. :|

Bla said...

Nice fuckin' post.