Monday, November 3, 2008

Holding On


and then,... Chhotepan ka ehsaas.

So there are times, when I just feel like giving up everything, things I've stood for, things I believe in, things I want to be. Feel like ridiculing almost about everything positive and everything which has been an opium to life at some point or the other.
People ; their thoughts and words which have affected me in any way and made me who I am.
Lessons I have learn't ;
Notions I have about the way I learnt those lessons.
Notions about the way people behave/think/react/exist.

More importantly, the dreams I have seen for myself ; because of the million hurdles, because of the will going down, the strength diminishing, the nervous system crash if I may call it.

And then, I weigh it with that one thing I am living for

Ek Pehchaan.

It's worth holding on.
One more time. And many more to come.


and, the much wanted desire and want to fulfill every dream..
...will make me fall a million times, make me vulnerable, break my heart;
But I see no better way to live.

1 comment:

saurabh said...

ah!!! reading your post just made me feel bit nostalgic, of how badly i wanted to be someone like this and how at present i have compromised with this hopeless situation.... anyways it was the way you wrote that stirred up few things