Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Sin Wagon

Every now and then I hear it coming down the street; I recognize the music which blares from its speakers. A sound all to familiar. Is it that time again? I close my windows and lock my doors as not to be tempted to run outside and take a peek, the temptation is too much to resist. I'm not talking about an ice cream truck; the "sin wagon" is back in town today, collecting the lost souls who want to take a ride, a little escapade and a departure from reality for just a few days, months, years. You decide when you want to come back, this trip is free, and the destination is to the VIP section in the coolest parts of hell.

What do you have to lose? Life smells like stinky dog poop right now, you need an escape and we guarantee that you will have the time of your life. Wait until you see the coming attractions, you wont be sorry you hopped onboard. Lets take a quick detour to "over indulgence," that's always fun!
What's your poison? Tequila? Drugs? Sugar? Sex? It's okay; go ahead...we are on a binge here. Next stop is "reckless intent." Let's get crazy! So what if it isn't right, who cares? We are on vacation from "good"; we have a hall pass to do reckless things on the "sin wagon." Right on, I see "undisciplined" ahead of us. How fun it is to ignore our responsibilities! This feels so good to do! I think I shall spend some more time here, party on I'll catch up with you later.

I don't know how long I've been on this ride now, but I'm getting weary. I miss those who are waiting at home for me. As I look to those who I share this wagon, there is nothing loving or good that I feel. I miss home, its time I get off this ride and say goodbye to those who wish to not

I hear the sounds of this wagon again, passing through my neighborhood. The music is tempting and I find that I want to take a peek. Yet I remember the last ride, and however sweet the sound, the trip isn't worth it. Maybe, I should seek to visit heaven next, hell is overrated. Trust me, I know. Some rides aren't worth the journey taken.

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d gypsy! said...


and some are worth giving a second chance, so u c its all and only about how you see it... :) tc