Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Epiphany

There comes a time in every individual's life when the world just... stops. Time ceases, and only the beat of a heart can pulse within the ears. It always happens when there is a choice involved. A choice when one is waiting to decide which road will apply not only to the individual, but to the world.

One choice... small, mundane. The heart races, the palms sweat... time begins to pound, and the nervous anxiety of a soul crying out begins to be understood. For one moment in time, that individual gets it.

Heresy. Blasphemy. We all carry that spark, that infinite wisdom. We love, we laugh, we cry and weep. We create.

Each kind intention, a stack of good. Each wrong and evil presence another blot of darkness upon the canvas.

We are paint. We are spirit.

And then the moment comes/... and we choose.

Do we bring this knowledge to our populations... or do we hide it among dusty books and heretical lists? Who are we? Which choice is right?

Nothing. Nothing is what is right. All is perspective, relativism and illusion. Everything is based upon perception, and there is no possibility of making everyone happy. The pursuit of happiness is by necessity self-centered. The moral person pursues happiness while attempting to not harm others. THAT is the difference between good and evil.

THAT is who we are.

I lost these words the moment they fell out of my mouth, It's called an illusion and we are *IN* it.
Those million little pieces, they just fit at different places and can never be 'fixed'

It does make sense u retard.! I wanna grump and rant and rant and grump! People, places, stories, realizations, mistakes, feeling, thoughts, events.
Sleep is the best escape.

we are just a part of an illusion, that rabbit and hat magic the magicians do, thats what happens with us; except that the poor rabbit doesn't know he is a part of a trick unlike us. Yet we keep contradicting ourselves on the arguement that we see it, feel it , here it just as it is.
And then a certain part says that its just voices and faces.
Tricked, duped, deny , accept.

Fuck it. They are all wrong.

supposed to?
This is the word which creates all the shit. What is suppose to be will never be, its the molding and the fixings and the forceful fittings which make them the way they become.
Knowing about the the do's and the don'ts make it freaky and makes people like us retards.
Intoxication, sleep and tears. An elevated high; are true.
rest everything's a fuckin illusion.

P.S - People are bitter and people are total assholes. It's why sometimes I'm a bit of a hermit. Truthfully speaking though , it's just the outcome of a world which has never treated its occupants with any reasonable sort of care. This is called cause and effect. :|

S.S I owe you a part of it, facebook postings aren't always random time killing tools. ;)


Shruti said...

you were quoting from your blog to me in the wall posts!!!
have some ethics woman!!
but brilliantly put, otherwise.

imperfect said...

@ shruti - Bitch! see the dates! I wrote here after that conversation! and the last line is for you S.S :P

Shruti said...

oh. OH. SS!!
i thought you were writing pss and forgot the P... :P
ok then. cool.
reading merchant of venice. have an english exam tomorrow... *sigh*

unforgiven said...

Okay, so let me put it this way. That entire post? Could've been said in one para, that is if you were being verbose.

Strive for simplicity and your chances of arriving at the correct answer go up exponentially.

For example? Everything is relative, nothing is absolute, blah blah blah; where does that get you? So instead of making things more complex, as you have here, make things simpler.

Everything is relative, but there are relative absolutes. There is a good, there is a bad, and no, not everyone defines it for themselves. There are things that are done, things that are just not, no matter who you are.

Simple. Clear cut.