Monday, December 12, 2011


very soon I want to delete this, I anyway mostly write here

And yes, noone has ever had access to it. If I compare both these places, I always find that place is literarily more enriching, maybe because its exactly what I feel. Here I write what I think and sometimes snippets of feelings. knowing , certain specific people *will* read it, knowing they *will* judge me.

Also, over the last few months it seems like I'm being to made to believe that after all I'm not that positive a person I project to be.
I'm in fact always looking for some unhappiness in the happiest of the things, some pain in pleasure.
That I love hurting myself.

Don't know how to deal with this one, but this too shall pass.


Anonymous said...

Can not access :-(

Anonymous said...

Also don't know the meaning of kaboom.

The Sage said...

why delete this one?? not read anything of you for long, but not sure whether asking for invite for the other blog is a done thing either...