Saturday, December 3, 2011

tired of being tired

I’m tired of receiving messages from boys that begin –
I’ve been unfair to you . . .
or other vain attempts at apology
or redemption
and of the ways in which I allow that to be good enough for me
every fucking time.
because I already know that I’ll respond to say –
it’s okay
all emotional responses are valid
I value you and your feelings.

Even after mine have been disregarded, mangled, and/or misconstrued.

because I am tired of being tired.

I’m tired of all of these
responses to my images.
of being the wrong [anything] at [any time]
of laundry lists of my inefficacy
and this is the end.
I’m sick of living a life
in deference to
in consequence of
dependant upon


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Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Wow, what happened to the 2 saal purana fuck-the-world attitude?

attidude said...


Anonymous said...

i wonder what you were thinking before you wrote this .
you write extremely well , but at time you leave the reader in thoughts... " now what exactly was running in her mind while she wrote this ! "

imperfect said...

@ Rahul - I'm still the same. Well, almost.

@ A - ummm. You can't figure out what's running in my mind, its in weaves :| but yes, there's a lot.