Tuesday, November 1, 2011

what I've learnt...

or NOT.

I'm no relationship expert, but ive been in a few. The consuming deeply in love, one way traffic love - the stalker love - the har ladke ko dekhke bolna , yahi mera sacha pyaar hai- love.
The happy love.
The love love.
and then, whenever I got sick of it, I'd look in the mirror and tell myself ,
" kya cheez cut piece "
yes, I do that very often its called loving yourself.

So many a things people teach us, not much we take ahead and apply... here you go,

. Some people deserve a place at Madam Tussauds not your heart!
. To be able to say I love you , you need to learn to say the I.
. Nothing is made in heaven, nothing - its just all around us, its how much we take out of it. how much we make out of it.
. In the end, the love you take is NOT equal to the love you make.
. love is not friendship.
. every person is different, what you learn from one, if applied on the other -is more often than not a recipe for disaster.
. there are no rules, except exclusivity.
. noone changes, its just the worse bargain you get into to change a person and then love.
. its ok to wear your heart on your sleeves and get it trampled at times.
. if a boy is chasing a girl, its the most romantic thing, if a girl does that - she's just plain desperate.
. we are all hypocrites.
. words are just for that moment, actions remain marked.
. nobody is fearless.
. there's always one person dominating it from the brain, the other uses the heart.
. If someone is not doing something they claim to do, it can be assumed as -
.They just don't want to.
.they could have if they *really* wanted to.
.or they want to, but are incapable of doing so, blame stupidity.
The lesson learned here is - how stupid we are to base things on assumptions, or then how stupid we are to not take it at the face value. its a vicious circle [ you learn nothing here, its just a fact, how it is ]

and things I will never learn ..

. jo bhaaw khata hai usko bhaaw milta hai.
. giving space.
. the benefit of doubt.
. how to unlove.

all said and done, I need to learn to forgive my soul, only I can do it for myself.

"aadatan tumne kardiye waade,
aadatan humne aitbaar karlia..."

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Anonymous said...

agree to about 90% of the points