Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yeah you got it easy dude!

Me: I started learning riding.
A: What?
Me : A bike.
A: its a great way to meet rugged men
Me:its a great way to meet rugged men and hot girls. I love this life.
A: Hot girls haha really are you including yourself, because that doesn't count.
Me: I'm not in the hot league ya I'm more like, unaware. uselessly careless.
A: no its a biased opinion that's why
Me: I've never felt hot , never been told so either.
A: i cant call myself anything either you need external validation in today's world
Me: external validation can come up at the pop of slight cleavage.
A: haan thats my point
Me: and in your case I don't know, men don't even have a cleavage
A: yeah money i think money should work
Me: their hotness is so hidden and mischievous
money pagal ho kya
A: okay disposable money
and i disagree on male cleavage
Me: why do you think then hotness is always portrayed as torn jeans, unkept hair, open shirt. Thats not what an ideal rich man would be.
A: we have people like that John Abraham dude running on beaches like an idiot
Me: and that Raymonds ad. How can you forget that.
A: what about james bond
Me: james bond is a douche
A: yeah but you have a point
Me: he just has cars and swank.
A: to women he becomes hot. Only after his necktie and suit are torn
Me: see, so money isn't what makes them hot enough.
A: i agree
Me: its all moh maya, gehra jaal hai. gehri psychoanalysis hai.
A: so its basically not taking a bath and wearing old clothes
Me: THAT is hot btw.
A: dude men have it quite easy
Me: see, they do.
A: i never figured this
Me: thank me later, im good.
A: haha

Men, do have it easy.
f you're a guy, the simplest decision to go to a certain place late at night doesn't need more than a moment's consideration. For women, though, there's a lot to think about--is it safe, do they need an escort, and is it worth going there at all?
Men can burp and its just normal.
You have no idea how painful waxing can be unless you've tried it.
Men have lesser clothes to be bought.
[ok, now you'll say women buy too many out of choice and you don't then listen - shoes don't go with indian clothes and chappals don't go with dresses and heels don't go with every day stuff, BY DEFAULT there has to has to be a huge list on that. Got it?]

Im not even going on child birth and PMSing and all the social stigma of flirting, studding, casanovas , being a slut..da da blah blah. and what not and this not.
Also I promise I shall write soon why men don't have easy. Its not a one sided opinion. I am myself quite a North Indian man as a friend once said.

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