Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Seeing Other People

I always wonder what other people are thinking about me and always wish that I could read minds.
It's so difficult to get into someone's mind and try to know the psyche of the person; yet easy to classify them in broad catagories.Certain kind of people change for that moment when only around certain kind of people and then they are back to the way they were around you. They will act all sophisticated while with the 'sophisticated' group of people, very cool and chilled out while in that certain group; etc. Does that mean faking? or its simply being smart to gel with everyone. And in that process more often than not they themselves forget who they are, Everyone has a different 'face' for different sets of people and situations. There is nothing really constant about any of them. Nobody can claim to know eveyrthing about someone, its just humanly impossible; we can know only what we are told and what we see; and what we see is only what the other person wants us to see.
Then there is always a difference between what one says and does, its so easy to tell someone how to behave in certain situations and what to do; but when it comes to their ownself everything is conveniently forgotten that too supported with a justifiable reason; which again is sometimes just a game of words.
People are what they are as they want to be seen and as we want to see them.
Its all a web; does it mean everyone is just putting up a certain face; and what I know of them is all just a certain dimension of them?

Maybe ; maybe not.


d SINNER!!! said...

I would nvr like to hear what goes in smone's mind...already sufferin coz i get to know what in others mind...

huh...life is simple...we shud let it be like that...

Sutta said...

Do WE always be the same with everyone? Don't we too follow a part of the path which you enlightened here?

On other hand, I believe the reason behind this whole anxiety is the choice or say tension between "what we should be" and "what we are".
We tend to loose our "real" self, coz we believe the other one will help us gain a control over the world around.

imperfect said...

@ d sinner : yup , it all seems very simple, but being simple doesnt mean its not disturbing.

@ sutta : Uhmm, No I beg to differ with you on this. The way I have seen people and noticed them , their behaviour, personality, thought process, style et all , *everything* changes.
Being formal while in an office meeting and casual at a friend's place is not what Im talking about here.
And the deal is to not lose yourself ,coz if you yourself cant gain control over the world, nobody else can ever help you do it.

Sutta said...

No! That wasn't my point.
I asked Aren't WE also the same?
This "everything change" process that you mentioned. Don't we follow it (too)?

And I agree about the deal of not loosing yourself, I just gave the reason "why" one opts for it. But yes, its true if we can't control ourself, forget the world.

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

Forget about you knowing only a certain something about other people. You'll be surprised at how little you know of your own self. And what's more important out of the two - knowing others inside out or knowing yourself well?

imperfect said...

what you said ir totally correct but what I meant by knowing is not about the person, but about behavioural patterns people have which ive seen obviously through too much observation and when thought about it in detail, it does feel that everything is quite illusionary.