Wednesday, July 6, 2011

rinse. repeat

This won't go easy, nothing ever did.
It's weird when I sit here and see the rain, the drops on the window, the surrealism, the poetic streak rain carries with itself, et al...and thinking how much it is a relief from the heat.
It has no effect on me.

People are always apprehensive of what will happen in their future, I on the other hand know my life cycle works in accordance with seasons, I wish I didn't know myself and the cycle so well.

This summer, is truly no different than any other.
I just fear what's yet to come.

"Tu ja bhi chuka phir bhi maen tanha nahin ab tak..
suraj ke doobtay hi andhera nahin hota..."


Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

Didn't know where to comment, or what to comment on. Didn't know someone else too have the time to look at the rain walking across the window pane in hurry. Does anyone really have that time anymore? There's so much I would like to say all at once after reading this blog, so badly I want to talk to you after knowing you through this blog that its eerie.


P.S. Sometimes out of focus can be very beautiful.

imperfect said...

@ Rajtilak - ouch. thats a complement taken , and a thankyou! If I am regular enough, I am sure you will get to read more!