Thursday, May 12, 2011


A week back

T : Khana khaya?
Me : Haan, whats there to ask have u seen my size you think I can live without food?

T : did you sleep well?
Me: ofcourse I did, I love sleeping I can't sacrifice it for anything on this planet.

T : please study priya, abhi fir internet fir facebook, shut it and study.
Me: Whats your problem? har hamesha daant.

T : switch on your car headlights you will bang your car some day.
Me : I know I had to do that I was just about to.


Me : Shit yaar, I want someone to ask me if I had food or I slept well or I studied. most random of them I want to tell someone that I woke up and I could see some guy from the window hanging outside to paint the walls. Noone wants to know my randomness.

J : tu pagal ho gayi hai? why would you want to tell all this to anyone, why would anyone even want to know?

Me: kyunki aadat hai yaar, batane ki.

J: haan, kuchh aur karle. Will call you in a bit.

2 hours later.

J : mann shaant hua?
Me : Haan I made pasta and had it.
J : your solution to every problem is food , right?
Me: yes, isnt that cute?
J: huh? why would that be cute.
Me : oh shit, wahi na tabhi toh I am feeling unknown..*he* used to find it cute, now I am a nobody. Unperson me!

This is the problem with people who stay in a relationship too long, they become random! They like talking about random things, after the few months of knowing each other and no more to it, its about thrills from randomness, surprisingly they enjoy it about each other and its the highlight of the day to know the most randomest thing about someone elses day;
and No matter how much I miss it ; this is it.

Time to indulge in more meaningful conversations eh?

*shoot me in the head*


Anonymous said...

same pinch :-)

imperfect said...

who are u mr/ms. An? Getting curious now, cut the suspense!

Raajii said...

Yeah single life and relationship life are very different.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Nice post, though you can have equally meaningless conversations even without being in a relationship...

imperfect said...

@ Rahul - ofcoure you can blah around all the time, but well :|

Anonymous said...

you'll always remain inexplicable, shivani jha...

the silence is always temporary in the long run.