Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Kings

What's the most important thing in life?
Too dependent on other people.

What, love?
A little Disneyland, isn't it?

God's will?

What is it then?

As in?
As in people do what is most necessary to them at any given moment.


Netika Lumb said...

True.. Very true

Adisha said...

What a thought !! WHAT A THOUGHT !!! Awesome ...

Prasant Naidu. said...

necessity is the mother of invention :)

Anonymous said...

May be of some interest to you.

imperfect said...

@ Netika - yup! totaly!

@ Adisha - haha. Yes brilliant thought, but its a dilogue from the George Clooney movie -Three Kings.

@ Naidu - lol :P

@ anonymous - No. But what made you think so?

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

"We three kings be stealin' the gold..."

Old movie! didn't like it very much though.

d gypsy! said...

pretty relevant :)