Friday, June 12, 2009


This is one of those days when the mind just doesn't work. Yeah. MY MIND just doesn't work. Has to be a big deal .. right?
Courtesy - a head spin which is perhaps faster than the fastest rotating wheel, I don't know which one is it, cant find it either -despite the new improvisation on research skills at work.
Sitting here at my desk ( yeah it sounds fancy, but not as fancy as it can be ) when I see the city below me, and those tall buildings across the road, suddenly passing through the tiny cars and the even tynier humans ; the world seems a distant reality.
This is one thing about work which gives me the most joy perhaps, the disconnect. Nothing has ever felt or can feel better, than a high which is generated by just constant work!
coming back to the head spin, apart from the fact its killing my tolerance to pain; the nerves can be felt now, the words spoken are generating a kind of vibration which the cheeks can sense. Like a hot iron rod is being passed through the veins it is flowing through my face into the head. This much and more, is how much the head hurts.

These are times when one feels ... dizzy? But I m here, on the 7th floor. Looking through the window from one eye, being vigilant about not being noticed on blogger with the other, while it still balances the fact that I dont type wrong. Ha! My fingers are behaving good though, well tamed as they are on the keyboard. :)

They are making a metro line ; connecting delhi and NCR. WOnder how it will be then, this window will show the metro and that speed will be much better than the buses and cars and their reflection on the glass of one of those tall DLF towers.

They don't realize. They never will. Even I haven't infact till now,will I?

But its all temporary, most of it, everything in fact;
can I call it Temporary Death?


Adisha said...

Wow !!! You seem to be down about your temporary loss of thoughts, but don't worry change isthe only constant ! And sure u'll be writing with a good flow and living so too ...

It's so wonderful that u have a desk next to the window and have a nice view with more possibilities :)

Make sure no one catches u blogging. take care...

imperfect said...

Its a temporary desk, :| haha. wont be caught, thanks ;)