Friday, December 6, 2013

The back of necks.

Do I use too many words?
 I’m not the best person to ask
 No what?
 No I don’t think so
 What’s this about?

 Emotional break down
 Those suck
 You alright?
 Wanna talk about it
 Feel like crying?
 Do it
 Do it
 Wanna tell me to fuck off?
 That usually makes you feel better
 Fuck off, then
 Say it with feeling at least
 That’s more like it

 Why do you get off on me swearing at you?
 Feeling bad?
 The worst?
 Shit Whatcha gonna do?
 Dunno really
 Gotta picture in your head?
 What do you mean?
 Do you have a picture in your head?

 You’re alright then
 I mean it
 Okay Now you’re a fucker

 I’m alright
 I know
 I love you
 I know
 I miss you
 I know

 You don’t use too many words with me, but I already know all your stories. They’re my stories, now. And I like that. I need that. I need you. There’s not much that could shake you out of my pocket. Not miles. Not relationships. Not sin or misdirection. There will always be you and me and those memories are mostly filled with silences. You know how to use silences. Like rain, ya know? Like what’s missing sometimes. Then you know it’s hitting the window and you can sleep better at night. 

Mmmmm I always feel like I mess things up.
I’m toxic rain.
Toxic Avenger
I always tell you it’s the image in your own mind that’s important. Not what other people say about that image and not what other people try to do with it. But you never listen.

I do listen And I hear all of it
So I’m like Hamlet, ya know?
That’s great. Hamlet waited too long and died and stuff.
Well, not exactly. Othello.
Now there’s a man of action.
 Oh good comparison.
 He was manipulated by all of his strongest characteristics into killing his wife. Then he offed himself.
Yeah, they both ended up dead, ennit?
Yeah Both men, too Yeah guess we shouldn’t mess with Shakespeare Indeed

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