Saturday, January 9, 2010

You hot me chocolate!

...and one thing which for sure, more than you wait for the sun, three times. Love me two or drench me down with that smile till my cheeks hurt. People like me love celebrating alone, no not with alcohol or drugs or that cakes and milk shakes poem; BUT BUT BUT! Its just simple you see, try whisteling on a mirror in winter, it makes goes away; and thats when it started.
Ya ya, I fancied a life like this a few years from now,thinking, dreaming, oping, preaching that in the end eventually everything settles and its going to be perfect.

Well, this is it. The few years have gone by since the last time I got this thought. Everyday is that day I wanted in the past, and this concept is going to take me away from being a cynic. But it god damn fuckin is.

Tata for now.
The happiest post in ages?

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