Friday, December 18, 2009

Such is life or what?!

Damn me, the Atomic County and Guitar picture from the right column, have gone!
Cause O.C was a teenage obsession (how ancient I sound when I say that, despite being asked to stop behaving 13!!)
And, The guitar cartoon, well...past is past! :)
So, Things , people, events, places, songs, even foods to eat - become insignificant after some time!
When a person like me, couldn't survive without a frooti a day, just can't stand that sweetness, wonder if its just time. Things once liked will always be liked, maybe a time span of boredom comes in way; and then you get back to it. - that is how people do it.
I, on the other hand, OVERDO it at the first place, and when I shut. I shut it up. Forever, is not JUST a very long time. It's just... well, forever.

"Fuck fuck fuck for the sake of a fuckin life, mara lo salon , pathhar padenge kisi din, "

People are so fuckin strange, bloody all of the kinds who would suck up to you , when they WANT something, emotional, mental, physical (If I may say) and then, in the end. You stand in the corner, fuckin feeling like a doormat! Derogatory eh? a doormat? NO, thats not how I fuckin feel about myself, that how Im gonna make "them" feel. Oh no, not a doormat, a bloody wasted good for nothing, vegetable!
And then one day, when you bump into lets say a coffee place? I'll smile, and crunch your stone heart into a tiny pebble, because I can crush stones you see. I am strong and
Such is life!

And when 5 years hence, you wrinkle, and old and your godforsaken marriage sucks, cause your life sucks and wife doesn't; oh she does! she does! she does the cute gym friend she has, cause you'r of course growing old, working 18 hours a day and doing the junior in office! I will point all fuckin fingers at you , and the thumbs down! YES! haaa!
Such is life!

And When that topper screams of "I dont cheat and I get 5% more than you, and I top and your'r just another 70 per-center" I will, rip the happiness apart from that sly face of yours, cause my dear friend, you aim for the sky, my aims are a million fuckin times beyond it, and when you behave you know it all and snob it all, I do it for the love of it! You hide your fuckin sheet with ten times effort; wherein it was me fifteen minutes back outside the exam hall, telling you HOW to make sure you do NOT fail.
But such is life!

When that superly hot looking girl in the class, tells you "Kolapuris in winters?" and yes oh, oh, she is wearing leg warmers in Delhi heat! Your friends call him a bitch, you turn around and don't care, cause a smoke is keeping you warm and 10 minutes to go for an exam, I know you will lose your hair because of so much ironing (haha, credit : Sanya) we, love our curly days, and straight days, and good days and bad. Because you are thin, you are not fuckin pretty! Because you wear leg warmers, you look STUPID, you will spend life in front of the mirror, when we will have so much worthwhile, you will have botox and super loads of Estee Lauder, whereas we had apples and we ran to fuckin feel we have feet ! Your eyes will be mascara and kajal and that oh, what do you call it, the shade thing, Ours... will have stories to tell ! and when you lose it all, cause you'll just be a 40 year old, trying to compete with your own 18 year old girl, we will be making huge money, cause we had the brains. And then of course, I will tell you such is life. At least I didn't get fucked by every man coming my way for cheap thrills, and oh that mastercard bought love!

Small things, events, actions, thoughts, can just lead to so much more, or are coming from so much. Over analyzing and all that jazz? Hell, NO! ... Such is life!

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Standbymind said...

Such is Life... it is It is!!!