Monday, September 28, 2009

So the culprit is insomnia

Simply because not being hopeful gives a net to the fall, doesn't really stop the fall.

Why *again* ?
Because it's a tendency people have, the same kind of trouble attracts a person again and again and again.

Why the introspection ?
It gives alot of momentary humor if nothing else ;)

If this sleep issue could be solved, so much would be out of my life, so many unnecessary people, conversations, thoughts, etc etc etc !

Oh and lesser phone bills, lesser calorie intake (comfort foods are fattening !! ) and I can't believe I actually included that last bit about the fattening thing, finally the treadmill's getting its due :)

This Gurbaksh Chahal guy is HAWT!

Thank you myself for making me non-hopeful about everything.

And why do stars fall ?
So , we make wishes and an idiot of ourselves.


Netika Lumb said...

Good that you wrote this post.. Nice to see someone write stuff I CAn finally relate with :)

Just Me :) said...

Disagree: hope gives a net to the fall, doesn't really stop the fall.

Actually hope gives a will to try and you at least have a chance to win if you try, as opposed to sitting and doing nothing fearing the worst! And yes, this is coming from a cynic like me.

I am afflicted with the over-sleep disease. I can sleep anytime , anywhere, in any class :-D
Yawning and feeling sleepy all the time, I wonder can insomnia really be that bad? ;-)

imperfect said...

@ Netika - great minds think alike and all that jazz? :P

@ Just Me - Not being hopeful is what I was talking about , the absence of hope makes me less optimistic and prepares for the fall, but once it does happen (despite knowing it was going to happen) the pain is just the same. :|
I agree on your hope part though, but I doubt I'm one of those who 'hope' too much. It makes me gloomy in the end.
Classes are the best place to sleep btw. Its the night issue which is the major issue. *sigh*