Sunday, July 6, 2008

Red the only colour (read: favourite colour) which couldnt find a place in the new layout. Sorry Red, you are reserved for better things maybe but I love you equally and also maybe more and thats the reason you are not here ;because you can never share the same space as anything else.

I'm not drunk. Im just in an extremely nice mood and I tend to sound extremely silly when I am in that mood.

BTW, I just saw 1002 views. It took a year , nice Im not that bad at entertaining people, but Im wondering, why would anyone still be reading this post.
If you still have continued reading , I think its one of those days for you as well, when you are in one of those moods, I know it feels great. Stop smiling.
Ah.. I know even if you werent similing you are smiling now.
Thanks , I know I made you smile and it feels great; you can drop in a thanks in the comments below, Its been long I dont get as much comments as I used to earlier. Not here , not on FB , not even on orkut. Imagine no scrap since a week. Oh yes I got two today only coz I have a new ID.
Well, this is the most random post ever.
And It will never be repeated. Even if it is..hello? Its my blog, I'll write whatever shit I want.

P.S- Thanks Billo, for the blog title colour. :D


Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

You are welcome darling! :)
And you know what, I absolutely loved the randomness of this post! Here's to more uselessly happy moods. Hugs.

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Hey, its fun blogging for no reason. nice read!

imperfect said...

@ billo - I'm ekdum dhinchaak. I know you that more than I know. :)

@ rahul - :) Do you intend to send me an invite for your blog too ? :P

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Sure, send me your blogger id via email, I dont blog a lot though nowadays,blogging is difficult when parents have taken (or atleast tried to take) everything that does not have IIT written on it, out of my life!!